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Bespoke Training

Triquetra EHS Consultancy can provide a range of bespoke training courses for your organization. These courses are designed to improve your environmental performance and enhance compliance with all relevant legislation. All of our courses can be modified to suit your organization´s individual needs. The descriptions below are outlines of the courses we run. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.



  • Waste Management

  • Introduction to Environmental Management Auditing

  • IEMA Associate membership course

  • Introduction to the Environment

  • Pollution Prevention Techniques.


Approved Environmental Training Courses from Triquetra-EHS


CIEH Level 2 Award in Environmental Principles and Best Practice


Duration: one-day programme


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CIEH Environmental Management Certificate


Duration: five-day programme


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Waste Management

Duration: 3 Days


Who should attend

The course is aimed at all those who have a designated responsibility for waste storage, handling and disposal.



Covers waste management practice, legislation and good practice. Looks at the full cost of waste and why it is beneficial to a business to effectively manage and reduce waste.


Introduction to Environmental Management Auditing

Duration: 5 days


Who should attend

The course is aimed at those who have a designated responsibility for environmental protection matters within their organisation and who currently have little or no experience in environmental matters.



To instruct potential EMS auditors in the principles and practices of auditing an EMS aligned to the ISO14001 (or similar) series of standards. Outline the background to EMS’, their relationship with Regulatory Compliance & other Management Systems. Describe Policy Statements, Initial Review, Environmental Aspects & Impacts. Implementation & Control. Describe Environmental Objectives & Targets. Training & Environmental manuals. Describe the methodology of Environmental Audits. Outline spheres of influence, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) & Amelioration.


IEMA Associate membership course

Duration: 2 weeks


Who should attend

The course is aimed at those wishing to gain an understanding of environmental issues and to achieve Associate Membership of IEMA.



Covers a range of subject areas intended to improve a students understanding of sustainable development and how to help their organisation move to reducing it’s impact on the environment and becoming more sustainable.


Introduction to the Environment

Duration: Variable


Who should attend

The course is aimed at those who wish to gain an understanding of the environment and the importance of preventing pollution.



What we mean by the environment, the importance of air, land and water, how they are related and how pollution impacts on them. The importance of reducing energy consumption and recycling.


Pollution Prevention Techniques

Duration: 1 day


Who should attend

Those who may be required to deal with small scale pollution incidents likely to lead to pollution of surface or ground water.



Examines the importance of protecting water sources and discusses practical methods to prevent pollution and to minimise the effects on water should an incident occur.


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