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Fire Safety Training

Knowledge saves lives. And if you are responsible for employees or volunteers, it's important that you provide fire safety training. Here's what you need to know...

Current legislation, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, applies to all workplaces regardless of the number of employees and requires employers to provide adequate training in fire awareness for all members of their staff.

Why provide fire safety training?

  • It saves lives.

  • It's the law.

  • Prevention is the best form of firefighting, and training can stop fires happening in the first place.

  • In the event of a fire, it will keep your people safer, and may reduce damage to your building.

Our online fire safety training courses are aimed at all employees to assist them in identifying and reducing the risk that fire presents in the workplace and it is a cost effective way for employers to fulfil their legal obligation to provide their employees with the necessary understanding of fire awareness.

Fire safety training should start with induction training on the first day and continue in the form of regular refresher training. It's important to keep knowledge up to date and front of mind, too. At least once a year provide refresher fire safety training sessions to make sure that they remain familiar with the fire safety arrangements for the workplace and are reminded of the action to be taken if there is a fire.

Training should be more frequent if:

  • You have a high turnover of staff

  • Your people are responsible for the safety of hotel guests, vulnerable residents or patients

  • There is a high risk of fire.

We run a variety of different courses to suit different needs:

  • Basic Fire Safety Awareness

  • Basic Fire Safety Awareness for Care Homes

  • Fire Marshal

  • Fire Marshal for Care Homes

  • Fire Extinguisher

If you require a more bespoke course, or would like to chat about what might be the most appropriate training course for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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