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H&S Made Simple – Step 8 – A Picture says it all

Well not technically a picture. But a poster.

As an employer (no matter what the size of your business) you have a legal duty to display the HSE approved health and safety law poster. It should be located in a prominent position in each of your workplaces so it can be easily viewed and read.

The poster outlines British health and safety laws, and includes a straightforward list that tells workers what they and their employers need to do. It also allows you to add details of any employee safety representatives or health and safety contacts you have got in place.

If it is more appropriate then alternatively you may provide each employee with the equivalent leaflet or pocket card (more suitable for those with no fixed work base or that work from home).

All versions of the poster are readily available here:

So step 8 should be a simple one! Have a look around; check where yours is and if the contact details are correct.

As always you can contact us for any help here.

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