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Health Matters

Overall health and wellbeing in the workplace is getting ever increasing attention and focus. This broad catch-all term can mean many things and can have far reaching implications for you and your business. But first it’s important to remember why this topic is so often at the top of the agenda.

Adults in employment spend a signification proportion of their time either at or in work, and as such jobs and workplaces can have a big impact on overall health and wellbeing. In fact, the impact is so far reaching it not only affects the individual, but also their families and the wider community.

From an employer perspective, the benefits of a healthy workforce are clear. Healthy and well motivated employees can have a hugely positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of your business, they take less time off sick, and they help provide a culture that nurtures these qualities in those around them. As well as a financial reward going to work gives many people improved self-esteem, companionship, status, and a general feel good factor!

Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to both employers and employees. Some of the key factors that can determine whether workers will have a positive or negative relationship with work are:

  • relationships between line managers and employees

  • whether employees are consulted and involved in organisational issues and decisions

  • availability and acceptability of flexible working

  • awareness of occupational health issues specific to both the person and the business needs

There are some fantastic resources available that provide more information and guidance on wellbeing in the workplace, try ACAS or Public Heath England’s latest edition of ‘Health Matters’.

Even if you think your business is a fairly happy and healthy place to work a quick check of some of the key factors may highlight areas for further improvement. Indeed health and wellbeing at work are arguably such important issues that it should always be at the top of the business agenda no matter where on the scale you currently are.

Please contact us here for any further information you may need to help keep your business and employees happy and healthy.

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