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Are you controlling your contractors?

No matter what business sector you operate in it is likely that at some point you will rely on help and expertise from an eternal source, i.e. a contractor.

Correct management and control of these contractors is not only important for their safety, but it is also important for anyone else that could be affected by their activities. Have you been through a considered selection process to ensure the contractor has met their health and safety obligations? Have you met all of yours?

Responsibilities include:

  • Correct identification of the job/task

  • Careful selection of a safe and appropriate contractor

  • A suitable risk assessment for the work

  • Dissemination of information, instruction and training

  • Adequate management and supervision

Poor control and management of contractors can lead to personal injury, damage to your assets and properly, as well as costs and time delays. Contractors, like visitors, present a particular risk in that they are unfamiliar with your work environment and safe systems of work.

The HSE provide a leaflet guide to get help you understand the legal requirements in relation to employing contractors, but how do you put these actions into practice?

Please click here to contact us for any help in setting up and suitable and safe control of contactors system.

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