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Help a potential champion be TRI-mendous

I started triathlon in May 2014 having competed as a National level swimmer. I needed a new challenge which coincided nicely with the arrival of a new triathlon club on my doorstep, Hoddesdon Tri Club (HTC).

I decided to join the tri club having never ran more than 3km or cycled anything other than a mountain bike to the local shops. Within 6 months of joining HTC I had run a marathon, completed a sprint, Olympic, half Ironman and managed to complete the full Ironman distance triathlon.

However, it wasn't until late 2014 that I decided to take on the sport seriously and set qualification for the Ironman World Championships as my goal for 2015. I am pleased to say that this season has been a huge success and by winning my age category at the 2015 Ironman UK race I have achieved my goal and qualified for the Ironman World Championships. It is now my ambition to race full time as a professional triathlete and compete at the world championships but I am in need of support.

With the money raised from your support I will be able to afford the cost of travelling to the Ironman World Championships which takes place each year on the 2nd weekend of October on the island of Hawaii Kona. I am currently ranked 4th in the world for the 18-24-year-old category which is based on my qualification results. However, without the funds to travel and compete at the world championships I will not be able to compete against the best in the world and confirm my rankings. My ambition is to turn professional at long distance triathlon and this opportunity to race in Kona is a big stepping stone in selling myself to potential sponsors. My long-term goal is to turn Professional in long distance triathlon races and to win a major long distance triathlon title.'

If you are able to help Reece achieve his aim of going to the World Championships in Kona please contact him directly as detailed below. Further details of his achievements can be found at the talent backer page here or on his blog here

Tel: 07544460348


Twitter: @reece_barclay

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