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Health and Safety Training

Talking as a Health and Safety expert, it was good to see that recent statistics have shown that the number of fatalities at work is going down, but there are still too many deaths and too many people injured whilst at work. Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work should remain a key priority and ensuring that all your staff have the appropriate training is essential.

Providing health and safety information and training will help you develop a positive health & safety culture and will ensure that your employees are not injured at work. Employees hurting themselves or taking time off due to ill health is distressing for you and all of your staff, not to mention the financial impact it will have on your business. Accidents are expensive! The law requires that you provide information, instruction and training necessary to guarantee, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health & safety of your employees.

At Triquetra-EHS we provide a range of accredited training courses that can be structured to meet your specific needs and that cover areas such as managing safely, food hygiene, hazard awareness and many more. We also offer short Tool Box talks that will cover issues that are facing your organisation or your sector.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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