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February 21, 2011 by dwhitelegg


This is my first real foray into the world of blogging and I’m kind of feeling my way around this thing but it’s looking OK so far. My aim with this blog is to get behind some of the media driven frenzy that is often associated with the worlds of the Environment and Health and Safety.

I’m not a tunnel dwelling tree hugger but I do believe passionately that we have to start treating this planet we live on with more respect if we are to continue to “live, thrive and survive”. We cannot continue to rip the planet apart, destroy essential life support systems and waste essential and limited resources if we want to leave anything of real value for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

I also do not believe that safety is something that should be a barrier to innovation, productivity or creativity, but I do believe we should able to be innovative, productive and creative and also to be able to enjoy the fruits of those labours in a long and healthy life. A friend of mine from South Africa who is also a keen biker says he never thinks about safety yet he’s one of the safest riders I know. Sure he pushes the limits and occasionally he goes too far. When you do that on a motorbike the bodies and bikes get damaged. However, even when that happens (and it isn’t often) he comes away fairly unscathed because he is wearing the right gear to protect him. We all think about safety in the home (did you fit stairgates to stop your young child getting into danger?) Probably. Ask someone to take similar protective measures in the workplace (fall prevention or protection) and suddenly it’s the Nanny state.

Personally, when I go into work in the morning I like to know I’ve got a pretty good chance of coming home in pretty much the same state.

So if you want to hear about some of things I see and hear during my work and if you want to know a bit more about the reality of the issues surrounding health, safety and the environment then pop me in the favourites bit and come and have a look when the mood takes you.

As I learn more about the technical side of blogging I’ll add in more things so it’s likely the look of this beast will change over the coming months.

Stay safe, have fun and look after the planet.

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