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Public concern for the environment has increased in recent years. The volume of Legislation relating to environmental issues is growing year on year. Companies can now see a very real financial impact from improving their environmental performance. The cost of waste disposal is increasing and emphasis is now very much on the Producer’s responsibility to reduce the amount of waste generated and to dispose of it in the best practicable environmental manner. Organisations can no longer afford to throw away what could be valuable raw materials. The very high profile of this issue on the international political agenda as well as the homes and lives of consumers has created an increased pressure on organisations to be able to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment.


An effective way to ensure that the environmental impacts of the organisation are managed efficiently is to implement an Environmental Management System EMS. This will provide a systematic approach and clear structure to help you meet your organisation’s aims and objectives. Triquetra EHS Consultancy can provide the support and experience required to implement an EMS and to ensure you manage your impact on the environment.


Environmental Management Systems

  • Develop environmental policies

  • Write and implement an EMS with a view to gaining accreditation to ISO14001. Undertake Environmental Risk Assessments

  • Carry out environmental audits

  • Identify the main environmental Aspects and Impacts of your business and develop methods to reduce the impact your business has on the environment

  • Development of Key Performance Indicators.


Training – Environment

  • Introduction to Environmental Protection

  • Waste Management

  • Pollution Prevention Techniques

  • Introduction to ISO14001.


Triquetra EHS Consultancy can also provide Certificate of Technical Competency (CoTC) cover for landfill site management, including Hazardous Waste sites. If you are now operating under a PPC Permit we can help you to ensure you comply with the extra requirements of the permit including compliance auditing and training for managers in understanding how the permit may affect operational requirements.


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