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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Good Health and Safety practice is not just a legal requirement, it makes good business sense as well. Your employees are probably your most valuable asset and it pays to look after them. Triquetra EHS aim to help you achieve legal compliance as a minimum standard with a minimum of bureaucracy. As well as the specific training programmes detailed below, Triquetra can offer individual training courses specifically to address your organisations’ needs.


Develop Health and Safety Policies

If you employ five or more people it is a legal requirement for you to have a written Health and Safety Policy. Triquetra EHS can ensure that you have a legal policy in place that will also set the standard for Health and Safety Management within your organisation. Even if you employ fewer than 5 people it is still worthwhile having a written Health and Safety Policy as this will ensure that everyone understands the importance of good Health and Safety and recognises the standards they should be working to.


Implementing Health and Safety Management Systems

A formal, written Health and Safety Management System not only helps to ensure you are compliant with all relevant legislation, therefore reducing the potential for criminal prosecutions and Civil Claims, it also lets you understand whether your performance in Health and Safety is improving and to identify which areas need further improvement. Triquetra EHS will work with you to implement a Health and Safety Management System appropriate to the size and needs of your organisation. If you wish to work towards certification to the OHSAS18001 Standard then Triquetra EHS can help you to achieve this. Certification to OHSAS18001 can be used as evidence to Clients and Regulators that you have a robust approach towards Health and Safety.


Safety Inspections

There is a wealth of experience from a variety of industrial and commercial environments. Independent Safety Inspections are one way to ensure that internal Health and Safety controls are operating effectively. Triquetra EHS can offer a cost effective service to inspect your workplace and provide a concise written report detailing any areas of concern with the potential to cause an accident that may expose your organisation to potential criminal or civil action.


General Health and Safety Advice

Triquetra EHS will provide cost effective advice on any areas of concern within your business. This can be done on a “one off” basis or through a retainer agreement to provide general advice over a period of time. It is possible to provide advice either in person, by visiting the site, or by telephone or email once a site visit has been undertaken to ensure that we understand the nature of the business.


Risk Assessments

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 it is a legal requirement to identify significant risks and to implement adequate control measures. With five or more employees it is also a requirement to record these risk assessments although we would always recommend that any risk assessments are recorded. Triquetra EHS can assist you to carry out the risk assessments and provide suitable paperwork for recording these. Effective risk assessments are the bedrock of effective Health and Safety Management. Remember, “if you don’t measure it you can’t manage it” applies especially to the management of Health and Safety. Triquetra EHS follows the well proven and HSE approved “Five Steps to Risk Assessment” methodology and aims to ensure that the process of identifying and managing the hazards in your workplace is done efficiently and without excessive beauraucracy.


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