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Triquetra Health and Safety Consultancy


Triquetra EHS Consultancy can offer you peace of mind by providing a one stop shop for all your environmental, health and safety, training and consultancy services. Our highly qualified staff have a wealth of experience in their chosen disciplines.


Our services include:

  • Health and Safety audits and training

  • Risk assessments

  • Advice on Legal Requirements.


Why is Health and Safety Important?

Good Health and Safety practice is not just a legal requirement, it makes good business sense as well. Your employees are your most valuable asset and it pays to look after them. Triquetra EHS aims to help you achieve legal compliance with a minimum of bureaucracy.


As well as specific training programmes, we can offer individual training courses specifically designed to address your organisational needs. Click here to find out more about our Health and Safety services.


The Triquetra symbol

The Triquetra is a tripartate symbol composed of three interlocking vesica pisces marking the intersection of three circles. It is an ancient symbol used throughout history to represent the concept of “three in one”. It is sometimes shown enclosed within a circle to emphasise the aspect of unity.


Triquetra EHS Consultancy uses the three elements to represent the interlocking and interdependent nature of the three elements of Environment, Health and Safety. The circle in this case represents the goal of continual improvement that should be the aim of any organisation in not just the areas of Environemnt Health and Safety but in everything they do.


Academic and Professional Profile of Triquetra EHS

Our staff hold qualifications and accreditations in the following:

  • BSc(Hons) in Environment Management.

  • Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) with the Society for the Environment.

  • Chartered Institution for Waste Management (MCIWM).

  • Chartered Waste Managers, Members of IEMA and members of IOSH.

  • Operational experience in the Waste Management industry.

  • Environmental Protection Training for the Ministry of Defence.

  • Management Systems to both ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 from both an operational and an EHS Manager's perspective.

  • Registered as Associate Environmental Auditors.

  • 'Competent Person' status as required by Waste Management Regulations for hazardous waste landfill sites requiring a CoTC LS4.


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